Even though we are a team of people that can cover any area of the agency’s business, and that can help whenever needed, part of the team in charge of production represents a true masters of their craft.

Producers, editors and cameramen, with the support of journalists and creative people from the agency, are the ones “guilty” for numerous documentary movies and TV shows, corporate videos, and a production of a great number of TV series, out of which we are especially proud of „Klinika vet“- show about veterinary medicine and pets, that grew and became a brand for itself.

Besides that, there is over 1,000 hours of produced program in our archive and portfolio, which was broadcasted and is still being broadcasted on national and local television channels. We are interested in informative, documentary and interesting stories, which is why we are never going to do reality and tabloid programs, which do not bring any value to viewers. Form is important to us, but the essence is what we love and cultivate.