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Workshop media is a production company and agency founded in 2009. We are organized in such a way that we efficiently combine fresh ideas and long-term experience in the field of television, video and audio production with new tendencies and trends in digital media.

We believe in synergy of digital media and audio and video production, spiced up with original ideas and strategies customized for each and every client. We create stories that reach set goals and we deliver results backed by years of experience of our team, both in digital media, as well as in production. We like to say that everything is online and a tiny bit is offline, which is why we have, among other things, organized over 80 different events for clients, in open and closed spaces.

We are particularly proud on great atmosphere and team that is looking forward to each and every new project and client, as well as building new stories to be remembered.

Honorary member of our team, „hard worker“, and joyful spirit of our agency is Lila the dog, with a two-year agency experience and infallible sense for judging people’s characters. Besides being „pet friendly“, everything in our agency has to be #LilaApproved.


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